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KTDRR's Dissemination Self-Inventory

Welcome to the Dissemination Self-Inventory

Please select an option from the menu on the left. The guide may be used in a linear fashion, in that you can click through the table of contents from one section to the next, or you can skip between sections. To help you see which sections of the inventory you still need to complete, we indicate whether or not you have completed the questions next to the inventory category.

How Can this Dissemination Self-Inventory Help Me?

The self-inventory is a planning tool. It is designed to help those involved in KT-funded disability research and development projects do a better job of bridging the gap between the creation of disability research outcomes and their use.

The self-inventory asks a series of questions about your organization and your project plans. By answering the questions and using a simple rating scale, you can assess the effectiveness of your intended dissemination strategies, identify strengths and weaknesses, and revise your plans as needed.

Following the questions, a scoring guide is provided with resources to help with dissemination planning.

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