Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research

KTDRR's Dissemination Self-Inventory

How to Use the Inventory?

It is recommended that you complete all sections of the self-inventory to obtain a perspective on relative strengths and weaknesses.
Start with "Section 1: Organizational Structures and Policies," and then move on to complete sections two, three, and four.

In cases where time is limited or there is a need to focus on a specific D&U area, you may "short-cut" and target only one or a couple specific sections (see below).

A. If you want to focus your use of this self-inventory instead of completing all parts sequentially, answer the following questions:

1. Does your organization have specific policies focused on customs, values, and needs of diverse user groups?

2. Does your research project identify the intended users of your project's research outcomes?

3. Do you have a specific dissemination plan that identifies specific outreach from intended user groups

4. Do you have an evaluation plan to identify the impart of your D&U efforts on specific end-user groups?

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