Consumer Review Panel Members

The Center on KTDRR works with a Consumer Review Panel (CRP) in order to ensure that information for consumers is responsive to their needs, accessible, and helpful on how to use evidence-based research information in decision-making. The Panel members represent different disabilities and geographic areas.

The Panel's activities include reviewing materials to ensure an accessible consumer orientation, suggesting new features for consumers that are not in the Center's current plans, facilitating contact with additional consumer and advocacy groups, and suggesting ways to seek input on the use of disability and rehabilitation evidence.

Photo of Ms. Carrie Lou Garberoglio of Austin, Texas

Dr. Carrie Lou Garberoglio of Austin, Texas recently completed a PhD program in Educational Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin. Her specialization is in Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences. She has considerable experience as both a lead and team member in numerous research projects, many focusing on education for students who are Deaf.

Photo of Dr. Raymond Glazier

Dr. Raymond Glazier has directed disability research projects for NIDILRR and other federal and state agencies for over 20 years. His research and cross-disability activism has included ​ issues in the fields of employment, civil rights, education, and access to healthcare, especially personal assistance services, PAS. He is currently ​a ​designated member of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board, as well as founder and Principal of disability Research Associates LLC, Belmont, MA.

Photo of Jae Kennedy

Dr. Jae Kennedy of Spokane, Washington is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Administration at Washington State University. He has worked in the area of disability policy research for the past 25 years, starting as a Research Associate at the World Institute on Disability in 1989, and completed his PhD in Health Services and Policy Analysis at UC Berkeley in 1996.

Photo of Ms. Melanie Kuchinka of Vancouver, Washington

Ms. Melanie Kuchinka of Vancouver, Washington is a Provider Network Analyst at the Southwest Washington Behavioral Health Regional Support Network. She has been a leader in the recovery movement, working on the local, state and national levels to provide training and advocacy related to mental health recovery, combating stigma, and improving media coverage of mental health.

Photo of Mr. Richard Petty of Houston, Texas

Mr. Richard Petty of Houston, Texas directs the IL NET (CIL-NET and SILC-NET) and the New Community Opportunities Center at ILRU (Independent Living Research Utilization) at TIRR Memorial Hermann (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research) in Houston. He has been a program director at ILRU since 1998. From 1988-1998 he served as executive director of Mainstream, a Center for Independent Living in central Arkansas.

The Center on KTDRR expresses a heartfelt thank you and much appreciation to these panel members for their service and insight as a member of the CRP:

  • Mr. Larry Fricks   (2/2013 - 1/2014)
  • Ms. Megan O'Neil   (2/2013 - 7/2014)
  • Mr. R.L. Grubbs   (6/2014 - 9/2014)