FOCUS No. 36: Infinity Communication Access Lab Recognized With 2012 Product Utilization Support and Help (PUSH) Award

Figure 1 Community of practice within which the Infinity Communication Access Lab is embedded

In this image, there is one large blue circle surrounded by a ring of eight smaller blue circles, all with white writing. The inner circle has white lettering that contains the words Child & family. On the outside ring, there is a blue circle at twelve o’clock with white lettering that reads School-based therapists. Moving right, the circle at two o’clock reads Rehab centre treatment team. At three o’clock, the circle reads Teachers. At four o’clock, the circle reads School board & school administration. At six o’clock, the circle reads Educational assistants. At eight o’clock, the circle reads Hired caregivers. At nine o’clock, the circle reads Hospitals and school foundations. Finally, at ten o’clock, the circle reads Infinity Communication lab.

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