Description for Figure 3

This figure shows a diagram of a The Knowledge-to-Action Process. The diagram contains two parts: the knowledge creation cycle illustrating the process of knowledge creation, and the Action cycle illustrating the process of knowledge application. The Knowledge creation cycle is positioned within the Action cycle.

The Knowledge creation cycle is represented by an inverted cone shape surrounded by a circle of arrows. The inverted cone shape contains three steps in knowledge creation, starting from top (the base of the cone) to bottom (the tip of the cone) as follows: Knowledge inquiry, Knowledge synthesis, and Knowledge tools/products. The inverted cone shape symbolizes the condensation/distillation of knowledge as it moves through the three steps in the order specified. The tailoring of knowledge to knowledge users is a required element through all three steps. The circle of arrows represents an ongoing process of knowledge creation through the three steps. The Action cycle contains 7 steps, and form an outer circle encompassing the knowledge creation cycle. Each Action cycle step is listed in a box connected by an arrow in clockwise direction to the next step. The steps are in the following order: Identify problem and identifying, review, and select the knowledge to solve the problem; Adapt knowledge to local context; Assess barriers to knowledge use; Select, tailor, implement intervention; Monitor and knowledge use; Evaluate outcomes; and Sustain knowledge use-- which is connected back to the first step of Identify problem and identify, review, and select the knowledge to solve the problem to form a complete circle.


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