Online Training for Evidence-Based Information

Links are provided to a number of Web-based training modules and other online training opportunities related to evidence-based medicine, evidence-based practice, and systematic reviews.

Cochrane for Consumers: A Pathway

This series of online models and videos offers consumers an introduction to Cochrane and its research work. Each resource can be accessed independently. However, it is recommended that you view each segment in the order presented.

Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare: A Foundation for Action

This no-cost online course is intended to take approximately 3 months to complete. During this time participants will learn to navigate the world of medical information, critically appraise research, influence the creation of public policy in healthcare, and help stakeholders make informed decisions.

This tutorial is designed to teach you how to select and search key resources to locate evidence-based information for clinical decision-making. Health Sciences Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

University of Massachusetts Medical School's Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Tutorials

Define a Clinical Question; Translate a Clinical Question into a Searchable Question; Decide on the Best Type of Study to Address the Question; Perform a Literature Search

Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine

This tutorial covers an overview of the Evidence-Based Practice process as well as give you an opportunity to practice with new cases

SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Evidence Based Medicine Tutorial
This tutorial helps physicians learn to find evidence-based information as and when they and their patients need it. SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Medical Research Library of Brooklyn.

User's Guides to Evidence-Based Practice

The Evidence-Based Informatics Project Internet Services are developed and maintained in collaboration with and for all members of the Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. Centre for Health Evidence - Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta.