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A line chart shows that from 1900 to 2010, there have been 4,500 rehabilitation articles with "systemic review" in the title published; while over the same period, there have been only about 1,700 of all other rehabilitation articles published. Articles with "systematic review" in the title only first appeared in the period 1990-1999. Between 2000-2009, the titles grew to 1,000, and by 2010 had reached 4,500. On the other hand, the number of all other rehabilitation articles, although first appearing between 1900-1949, has grown at a much slower rate than the systematic review titled articles. For example, by the period 1960-1969, less than 300 had been published, by the period 1980-1989, 500 had been published, by 2000-2009 about 1,400 had been published, about the same number of SR-titled articles that had been published to date.

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