Conference Materials

This section of the Expo features archived presentations and files used in the 2014 KT Conference. These include captioned YouTube videos, unedited transcripts, and downloadable copies of presentation files (PDF and text).

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Focus on Traditional and Mainstream Media

Session Presenter
NIDRR Update and Perspectives on KT John Tschida
Pimjai Sudsawad
Research in a World Where Media is Everywhere and Nowhere
Tim McGuire, ASU Center on Disability and Journalism
Working with the Media and Lay Audiences
Donna Lockett, Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Workshop
Making the Connection with Working Reporters
Sylvia Rincon, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Inc.
Interactive Discussion with Tim McGuire and Sylvia Rincon Presenters, participants

Focus on Electronic and Social Media

Session Presenter
Peeking Behind the Magic Curtain: Demystifying the Tools and Strategies of the Digital Age
Bonnie Zink, Institute for Knowledge Mobilization
Plain Language Summary Tool Mark Harniss, University of Washington
Why Clear Language Summaries? Michael Johnny, York University
Engaging Communities Through Social Media
Bruce Newbold, McMaster University
Interactive Discussions - Breakouts
Presenters, participants including grantees

Focus on Disability Media and KT Supports

Session Presenter
From Your Research to Our Readers
Josie Byzek, New Mobility Magazine
ABILITY Magazine Chet Cooper, ABILITY Magazine
Lia Martirosyan, ABILITY Magazine
Resources and Supports of NIDRR's Knowledge Translation (KT) Centers:
Part 1
  1. ADA-KT Center
  2. KT for Employment Research (KTER)
  3. Center for International Rehabilitation Research
      Information and Exchange (CIRRIE)
Moderator - John Westbrook

1. Kurt Johnson, Mark Harniss
2. Kathleen Murphy
3. Shannon Patridge
Part 2 - NIDRR's KT Centers:
  4. KT for Technology Transfer (KT4TT)
  5. Model Systems KT Center (MSKTC)
  6. National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
  7. KT for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (KTDRR) 2a- KT4TT 2b-MSKTC, NARIC, KTDRR

4. Jim Leahy
5. Dahlia Shaewitz, Cynthia Overton
6. Mark Odum, Jessica Chaiken
7. Joann Starks

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