2015 Conference Archive

Archived presentations and files from the 2015 Online KT Conference are now available. These include captioned YouTube videos, edited transcripts, and downloadable copies of presentation files (PDF and text versions).

Conference Archives

Conference Dates

Monday, Oct. 26:
Understanding Your Audiences and Their Needs

Wednesday, Oct. 28:
Environments, Formats, and Strategies

Friday, Oct. 30:
Policy and Outcomes


  • Melanie Barwick, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Tiffany Brewer, AIR
  • Chantal Camden, Sherbrooke University
  • Jennifer Flagg, KT4TT
  • Amber Hammond, AIR
  • Mark Harniss, ADAKTC
  • Joseph P. Lane, KT4TT
  • James Leahy, KT4TT
  • Becky Matter, ADAKTC
  • Dwayne Norris, AIR
  • Kathryn Oliver, University of Oxford
  • Keiko Shikako-Thomas, McGill University
  • Deeza-Mae Smith, AIR
  • Pimjai Sudsawad, NIDILRR
  • Allison Todd, RIC
  • John Tschida, NIDILRR


In collaboration with several national and international partners, the Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (KTDRR) makes it easier to find, understand, and use the results of research that can make a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

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