KT Conference Expo

An in-person conference often provides an Expo Center where participants can network and take advantage of opportunities to see new products up close. The KT Conference Expo has resource materials on topics related to this year’s conference theme, as well as additional resources from the presenters. The Conference Materials section hosts downloadable presentation files and all archived materials once the Conference is complete.

Conference Materials

This section of the Expo features archived presentations and files from the 2021 KT Conference. These include captioned YouTube videos, lightly edited transcripts, and downloadable copies of presentation files.


Using Zoom as a KTDRR21 Attendee

We will use Zoom to host the conference. Please review this step-by-step guide on how to join KTDRR21.


Policy Resources

Policy change can be an important goal for many KT projects. The following resources are intended to help researchers understand how their work can impact important policy decisions and have significant outcomes for their target audiences.


Social Media and Disability

Many NIDILRR grantees have a strong presence on social media. Here, we highlight research projects, advocacy organizations, and other influential and popular individuals on a variety of social media platforms.



NIDILRR is a federal government grants-making agency that sponsors grantees to generate new disability and rehabilitation knowledge and promote its use and adoption. NIDILRR's mission is to generate new knowledge and to promote its effective use to improve the abilities of people with disabilities to perform activities of their choice in the community.


KTDRR Resources

This area of the expo will feature the Center on KTDRR and some of its resources designed to provide information to NIDILRR grantees and interested members of the public about a wide spectrum of knowledge translation and evidence-based content.


Engaging Consumers

The ability to engage and involve people with disabilities in the scientific process is vital to the long-term goals of both researchers and consumers. This expo area highlights potential avenues for delivery of information and links to groups that help to involve consumers in the formulating of knowledge.


Training, TA & other Resources

As a NIDILRR grantee there exist many opportunities to receive free technical assistance through one of the KT centers. Also, annual conferences provide a great opportunity to network, stimulate new ideas, and improve your knowledge translation activities.


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