Eric Maslowski

Photo of Eric Maslowski

Eric Maslowski, is the Director of Creative Applications at the University of Michigan Library. He has spent the last 15 years at the cross-section of technological innovation, teaching and learning, and scholarly pursuits. Having served as a digital artist, programmer, user experience/human-computer interaction (UX/HCI) designer, virtual reality specialist, instructor, accessibility advocate, entrepreneur, and project manager he has helped bring hundreds of digital (and not so digital) projects to life through the intentional use of technology in commercial and academic organizations. His current role with the Library and Digital Media Commons has him driving transdisciplinary curricula, research, and creative initiatives between the arts, engineering, humanities, and sciences with unique technology-rich learning spaces, programs centered around self-agency, and campus collaborations. Eric's primary focus is on the thoughtful application of technology towards solving many of the wicked problems faced by researchers and educators.