Artist Bio - Christopher Worth

Title of artwork: Pathways Paved by Chance

Pathways Paved by Chance
Christopher Worth

Christopher Robin Judson Worth is a fine artist, community Educator, Organizer, and PhD student in St. Louis Missouri. As a person with a developmental disability from birth, Chris has seen his art making function as a language, to accentuate his voice, when the system has worked to silence him. In his art making and scholarship he focuses on the idea that the language of art historically has been, and continues to be a way to give people who aren’t always heard by the systems, a voice. Chris believes that mass culture within the United States needs to realize the power of art as a language in order that people might be encouraged to use it to advocate for themselves. To often people are taught that they aren’t creative, that they can’t express, and this keeps people from harnessing the gift of art making, as a tool for system change. Christopher believes in the language of art, the historical presence of people with disabilities making art, and the impact that that has had and continues to have on society as a whole. Chris attempts, to demonstrate this belief and its power within all his spheres of influence.