Artist Bio - Preston Craig

Title of artwork: Fixing a Hole

Fixing a Hole
Preston Craig

Originally from Louisiana, he has over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer/illustrator, fine artist, and writer, working in the entertainment, publishing, aerospace, research and multimedia industries.. In addition, he is a semi-retired art professor and a voice over actor. He earned an M.F.A. (with honors) in Illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and a B.A. in Applied Arts from the University of Louisiana.

Involved with social issues and an avid artist rights advocate, he has been recognized by the Los Angeles City Council for his volunteer work and contribution to the growth of the arts in L.A. His work has been published in Acrylic Artists Magazine, North Light Books’ - Acrylic Works: Best of Acrylic Competition, Art Muzeo Magazine, Shoten Kenchiku – Tokyo, Japan, Fotografisk Magazine - Norway and HT Art Magazine – Great Britain. He has received over a dozen design and artistic recognition awards including an Adobe Design Achievement Award, Society of Illustration West, California Art League, LA City Council and the Hollywood Arts Festival. In addition, he was honored twice with an Artistic Director Award for Set Design/Scenic Art from the Valley Theatre League for productions at the Road Theater Co. The City of Redondo Beach recently commissioned and installed one of his designs. He has traveled extensively; living & working at times in Norway, England, Italy and Japan.

His mural work can be seen in a project dubbed the “Hollywood Night Gallery” on Hollywood Blvd. (he recently restored the portrait of Buster Keaton) and in a mural honoring Bob Barker at CBS Studios. Some of his scenic work can be seen at Venus Fort (a 60,000 sq.ft. shopping center in Tokyo, Japan), the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and other venues around L.A. His series “Twisted TeddysTM“ focuses on utilizing an iconic image of childhood innocence, the teddy bear, to make social commentary, address social issues, and be a force for helping to create positive social change, with a portion of the funds generated by sales of his merchandise, benefiting social programs like Homelessness, Gang abatement, Drug Addiction, Child abuse and many others. He is presently working on getting plush prototypes created of some of his teddy characters and is seeking a licensor. Currently, he is working with a new toy/pet products company called Kids, Pets & More, Inc. that is launching soon.