Artist Bio - Julie McNamara (a.k.a. JulieMc)

Title of artwork: Rachel High interviews JulieMac in ‘Voices from The Knitting Circle’

Rachel High interviews JulieMac in ‘Voices from The Knitting Circle’
JulieMc McNamara

Julie McNamara, known to us as JulieMc, is an award winning documentary film and theatre maker, a passionate playwright working in social justice and an outspoken Disability activist with a capital 'D'. She is a recipient of a Miegunyah Award, Melbourne University, 2019; Picture This...Film Festival Awards, 2018 & 2017; a South Bank Show Award ITV, 2010; DaDaFest Writers Award, 2009 and many more. Her work has been widely produced on international stages, her poetry and essays published in anthologies and non-fiction collections. She is also a survivor of the mental health and criminal justice systems, lives with a brain injury and a ridiculous sense of humour. When asked about her work recently JulieMc said: 'I've written 15 plays and several monologues that have been staged, but I'm not finished with any of them. Nothing's perfect, it never will be, so start with those desperate mistakes, and go for the jugular, preferably your own. Stay curious, stay awake. Allow yourself to be cracked wide open, don't be afraid of failing. We're all making it up as we go along.