Lia Martirosyan

Photo of Lia Martirosyan

Lia Martirosyan, exhales on stage. The rest of the time she's holding her breath until an opportunity for expression arrives once again. Music, theater and poetry traveled through her genes and ended up in her soul. Lia grew up on stage in choirs and piano recitals. It wasn't until the ripe old age of 11 and a lead role in "Fiddler on the Roof" that she realized this feeling could not be tamed. After earning a degree in business she decided to hone back in on the liberal arts. Now she sings, writes and acts. Lia is a classical singer. She is called to perform at special events and is working on collaborations. Through ABILITY Magazine she has been writing and exploring the world of inclusion.

Social media and its importance is now at the forefront of her endeavors. Embracing the shift of open dialogue through the power of word-of-mouse. She manages a 200+ volunteer team, using crowd-sourcing to translate captions in several different languages, for ABILITY Magazine videos. Lia has spoken at different venues about art, attitudinal change and social media, including the United Nations.