Dwayne Norris

Photo of Dwayne Norris

Dwayne Norris, PhD, is an AIR Senior Vice President and Director of the Workforce and Lifelong Learning Program. He has more than 20 years of experience working with government and commercial clients to design, develop, implement, or evaluate human performance systems, particularly those focused on work performance. Dr. Norris’ specific areas of expertise include job analysis and competency modeling, assessment, talent management, and workforce development.

Currently at AIR, Dr. Norris leads the Workforce and Lifelong Learning Program, which focuses on improving the opportunities and working lives of youth and adults by: empowering individuals through basic and work-related skill development; helping employer’s design and implement evidence-based people strategies, systems and practices; facilitating evidence-based practices in adult learning and workforce development; and improving the lives and work outcomes of individuals with disabilities.