Wendy Strobel Gower, MS
Senior extension associate and program director, K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Employment and Disability Institute, Cornell University

Photo of Wendy Strobel Gower

Wendy Strobel Gower is a senior extension associate and program director at Cornell University's K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Employment and Disability Institute in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations. She currently leads a diverse team of professionals in the development and testing of innovative approaches to culture change in organizations as it relates to the inclusion of people with disabilities. Ms. Strobel Gower is the project director for the Northeast ADA Center and the Diversity Partners project, both of which are funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research. Ms. Strobel Gower holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). She has worked extensively in application, training, and materials development for diversity and inclusion; employment of people with disabilities; and accommodation in schools and the workplace for people with disabilities.

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