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The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement

The Harkin Institute located at Drake University serves as a venue and catalyst for dynamic non-partisan research, learning, and outreach to promote understanding of the policy issues to which Senator Tom Harkin devoted his career. These issues include policy issues that affect people with disabilities, with a special focus on policy issues around the competitive, integrated employment of people with disabilities. The Harkin Institute's disability work is at the intersection of self-advocates, the private sector, and public sector and operates across state, national, and international levels.

Website: https://harkininstitute.drake.edu

Address: 2800 University Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50311

Phone: 515-271-3223

Contact: Daniel Van Sant, Director of Disability Policy

E-mail: Daniel.VanSant@drake.edu

Disability Type: Cross-disability

NIDILRR Outcome Domain: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Community living and participation, Employment, General