Overview of Training Activities

The Center on KTDRR carries out integrated training, dissemination, utilization, and technical assistance activities in collaboration with several national and international partners. Training addressing knowledge creation will focus on developing systematic reviews and research syntheses, using tools to extract data and assess the quality of systematic reviews, and translating evidence from systematic reviews and research syntheses into knowledge products and tools. Training addressing the use of KT strategies to facilitate knowledge uptake will focus heavily on strategies for which evidence of effectiveness or best practice can be documented.

Center training activities will incorporate basic principles that research and best practice describe as important to producing changes in participants' behaviors as well as their awareness and understanding. These include locating individual training opportunities within a larger context of sustained assistance; grounding activities and approaches in the realities of participants' working contexts, expressed needs, and prior knowledge; providing demonstrations, scenarios and simulations, and opportunities for practice; and incorporating time for reflection and planning within training to facilitate application and follow-up (Guskey, 2003; National Staff Development Council, 2001).

Training and technical assistance (TA) activities also will be closely linked, with TA providing opportunities for follow-up support as participants apply the knowledge, skills, and tools they acquire through online courses and workshops. Training will incorporate face-to face, real-time online and Web-based training formats. Materials from face-to-face and online training will be archived on the Center website.

  • Annual KT Conference
  • Workshops
  • Webcasts
  • CRC-CEUs Available

Annual KT Conference

The Center sponsors an Annual KT Conference for NIDILRR-funded grantees and others, by invitation. Knowledge translation (KT) strategies are used by NIDILRR grantees to share their research with a variety of audiences. KT activities are used to create a change in awareness, behavior, or action on the part of the identified audience. This online conference is designed to address strategies in the planning and implementation of effective and efficient KT approaches.


The Center on KTDRR supports a number of workshops, both in-person and online, to present in-depth information on topics such as: developing systematic reviews and research syntheses, tools for analyzing research, and innovative KT strategies.

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The Center on KTDRR presents webcasts on topics such as: developing high-quality research syntheses, tools for analyzing research, practice guidelines, retrieving international research, implementing policy research, standards for assistive technology, strategies for increasing the use of research, KT planning, and innovative KT strategies.

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CRC-CEUs Available

Many archived training opportunities provided by the Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, and our sister Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER Center) are pre-approved for CRC-CEUs by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC).

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