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1. Citation: Nightingale, E. J., Soo, C. A., & Tate, R. L. (2007). A systematic review of early prognostic factors for return to work after traumatic brain injury. Brain Impairment, 8(2), 101-142. doi:
Keywords: return to work, outcomes, employment outcome, traumatic brain injury
Abstract: Background: Returning to work (RTW) is a key rehabilitation goal following traumatic brain injury (TBI). To facilitate vocational and rehabilitation planning, it is important to identify factors that predict post-TBI employment outcomes.

Objectives: To review research on factors and their prognostic value for return to work (RTW) after traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Search Strategy: The authors conducted electronic searches using MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycINFO, and CINAHL databases, until June 2006. Keywords used in the search included traumatic brain injury, head injury, employment, prognosis, vocational work and outcome.

Selection Criteria: Studies that satisfied the following selection criteria were included: 1) published in English; 2) sampled adults of working age; 3) focused on TBI of any severity; 4) reported results of a cohort study with statistical analyses appropriate to prognostic studies; 5) prognostic variables proximal to the injury; and 6) work as the outcome (dependent) variable.

Data collection and analysis: Three authors reviewed and rated each study for methodological quality. Two reviewers assessed each article independently. A third reviewer addressed any discrepancies.

Results: There were 55 studies that met the inclusion criteria. Methodological quality was just above average. The authors provide analyses on preinjury, injury and early postinjury variables.

Conclusions: The authors discuss several predictors of RTW in the context of methodological quality and strength of evidence.
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