About the KT Strategies Database

The Knowledge Translation (KT) Strategies Database brings together research evidence on Knowledge Translation tools and strategies. Articles address approaches to translating, disseminating, and utilizing knowledge. The KT Strategies Database is a service of AIR's Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (KTDRR) and Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER).

What are the inclusion criteria for the database? The database serves as a resource of available articles that describe relevant KT tools and strategies that could be applied in disability and rehabilitation settings. Articles must be published in 2000 or later. Exceptions may be made for evidence-based research, with an earlier publication date, that has historical relevance.

How are records obtained? Articles are identified from a search of online databases, grey literature, and references identified by authors. Suggestions for contributions to the database are also accepted.

What is the evidence level of items in the KT Strategies Database? We are not claiming that these tools or strategies are effective. However, the strength of evidence is examined in terms of the rigor of the research supporting the informational material. The scale of 1-5 describes the supporting evidence identified during the review of the product.

How do I suggest a KT strategy to add to the database? To submit an item for consideration, complete the online submission form or contact KTDRR@air.org.

Search Instructions

Users can search the database by keywords or phrases, author's last name, name of journal, dates, type of item, type of KT strategy, or target groups. The search is not case-sensitive (i.e., words or phrases can be entered in uppercase or lowercase format). Do not use diacritical marks such as: ç, ñ, é. All diacritical marks have been removed from Database records.

The modifiers "all of the words", "any of the words", or "the exact phrase" can be used to help refine the key word and author search results.

Once you have identified your search criteria, click on the "Submit" button to display search results listed in APA citation format. The "Clear Form" button will clear all items.

Users can also view all records by leaving all fields blank and clicking the "Submit" button. You may view up to five record details per page.

About Search Results

The database will search for records based on the search criteria. Search results are listed in APA citation format. Users can mark one or more items to view the full record(s). In the event there is only one search result, the full record will be displayed.

Users may mark or unmark one or more items by checking the box next to the APA citation. To select all records, users can click the "Toggle all" link.

If you have problems or questions: ktdrr@air.org