Technical Assistance


The KTDRR offers specialized technical assistance (TA) services for current NIDILRR grantees at no charge. These services aim to respond to NIDILRR grantees' need for general or specific information about KT and its relation to high quality research. Technical assistance services are designed to help build the capacity of NIDILRR grantees to negotiate the knowledge translation process, with the goals of increasing the inclusion of NIDILRR-sponsored research in systematic reviews, and improved understanding and application of KT strategies.

The TA Network is a working group that facilitates connection, collaboration, and community among NIDILRR grantees as they apply KT strategies to their project work. Twice a year, KTDRR staff host an interactive online meeting through which participants can network, share ideas, ask questions, and discuss real-time needs relating to KT efforts. Topics for discussion are determined by the group’s needs and interests. NIDILRR grantees with interest in joining or learning more about KTDRR’s TA Network, please contact KTDRR staff at

Who can use these services?

All current NIDILRR-sponsored grantees are eligible to use KTDRR's TA services.

Are there any fees for TA services?

There is no fee for current NIDILRR grantees for these services.

What type of service can be requested?

On-site and off-site TA will be individually tailored to address challenges identified by grantees related to any components of the knowledge translation process.

How do I submit a request for Technical Assistance?

  • To submit a request or question, please complete the KTDRR's online request form:
    Technical Assistance Request Form
  • Toll-free Telephone Service: The KTDRR also provides a toll-free telephone line (800-266-1832) in order to facilitate NIDILRR grantee-initiated contacts with the KTDRR.

    NOTE: The KTDRR's telephone service does not provide information and referral assistance to members of the general public. If you or someone you know needs assistance:
    • Please go to, your online connection to the federal government's disability-related information and resources.
    • Contact your state's Protection & Advocacy (P&A) and/or Client Assistance Program (CAP). The P&A/CAP network is the largest provider of legally based advocacy services to people with disabilities in the United States.

What happens after I submit a request?

Once your request or question is received, the KTDRR will verify your status as a NIDILRR grantee, assess your request, and respond by e-mail or by telephone. You should receive an initial reply within two business days.

Who provides the information and TA services?

Responses to grantee requests will be provided by KTDRR staff and/or consultants with expertise in areas such as research methods, standards of evidence, measurement, research utilization, and knowledge translation strategies.

Is there a deadline for submitting a request?

No. These services are available to NIDILRR grantees on an ongoing basis.