Resource 2: Interviewing Skills for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Implementation Support

This is a checklist of steps that supervisors can take to share information about this Practice (interviewing skills for adults with ASD) with their VR counselors. The steps follow adult learning principles and are designed to support counselors in learning about and implementing this new practice.

  1. First, determine the learning goals related to this practice: What do you want VR counselors to know or know how to do with regards to this Practice?
  2. Adult learners need to 1) understand the content; 2) figure out how its relevant, useful, and feasible to apply; 3) identify the skills they will need to use; and 4) practice implementing it, ideally in their setting. Review the Practice with them by discussing these questions:
    1. Knowledge: What is the best practice?
      Review the Case Example for Strategy 1: Interviewing Skills for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or the Module “Autism Spectrum Disorder and Employment”
    2. Attitudes: How possible is it to implement in our program? How will it help our clients? Review these requirements and discuss how feasible it is to implement.

      Setting requirements

      • 1:1 practice sessions with privacy

      Other clients

      • N/A


      • Requires realistic job interview questions
      • Role playing comfort: set up, conduct, give feedback
      • Print out questions in advance for client to review
      • Model good question answers; be prepared to demonstrate interview responses

      Barriers to implementation

      • Do you have a setting with enough privacy for client to practice with you?
      • Will you have the chance to conduct several practice sessions in a relatively short time window?
      • What else?

      Opportunities for implementation

      • Do you have already-scheduled meetings with clients you could use?
      • What else?
    3. Skills: What do will the counselors need to do?
      • Talk through the core skills required.
      • Practice the intervention techniques.
    4. Practice: How would we do it here?
      • What do the counselors need to do next?
      • What does the supervisor need to do to provide support?


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