Resource 8: Transportation Proficiency Students and Employment: Implementation Support

This is a checklist of steps that supervisors can take to teach this Practice to their VR counselors*. The steps follow adult learning principles and are designed to support counselors in learning about and implementing this new practice.

  1. First, determine the learning goals related to this practice: What do you want VR counselors to know or know how to do with regards to this Practice?
  2. Adult learners need to 1) understand the content; 2) figure out how its relevant, useful, and feasible to apply; 3) identify the skills they will need to use; and 4) practice implementing it, ideally in their setting. Review the Practice with these questions:
    1. Knowledge: What is the best practice?
      Review the Case Example for Transportation Proficiency, or the Module “[title of student module here]”
    2. Attitudes: How possible is it to implement in our program? How will it help our clients? Review these requirements and discuss how feasible it is to implement.

      Setting requirements

      • May involve leaving office and negotiating transportation systems

      Other clients

      • N/A

      Other resources

      • Information on relevant public and other transportation options

      Barriers to implementation

      • Restrictions on counselors leaving the office with students to explore transportation options
      • Counselor familiarity with how local public transportation systems
      • Practice sessions using transportation options may require fees

      Opportunities for implementation

      • Regular appointments with clients that could include discussion of transportation systems
    3. Skills: What do will the counselors need to do?
      • Talk with students about local transportation systems and options
      • Practice using transportation systems with students
    4. Practice: How would we do it here? Talk through steps to implementation together, from identifying clients to conducting practice interviews.
      • Can you eliminate any of the barriers you identified above?
      • How will you or the counselor identify clients to engage with this practice?
      • What support does the counselor want in order to use this practicewith his/her first client?
      • What does the counselor need to do next?
      • What do you need to do to provide support for your counselor?
      • What is a realistic timeline for engaging the first client in this new practice?
      • How/when will you and the counselor continue to problem solve any implementation challenges?

      *counselor can also mean vendor, as some sites may contract out for the services described


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