Cancer and Employment Issues

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About the Webinar:

Webinar: Cancer and Employment Issues

This one hour training will help managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals to learn more about cancer-related workplace issues, recent changes to the ADA, and how best to help employees with cancer and their colleagues maintain a productive, supportive workplace environment.

Today, survivorship after a diagnosis of cancer is higher than ever. While that fact can be celebrated there is another side to that news: many survivors must continue to work to support their families.

Why are we suggesting you participate in this webinar? Regardless of the benefits to employees, some employers worry about the cost and productivity of keeping employees experiencing cancer on their payroll. Studies indicate that cancer survivors, compared to other disability groups, tend to charge discrimination more often on issues associated with job-loss, terms and conditions of employment, wages, and demotion. They are eligible to make these charges as part of their protection under the ADA.

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About the Presenter:

Photo of Joe Bontke

Joe Bontke is the outreach manager and ombudsman for the Houston District office of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Mr. Bontke has also managed human resources for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and was named Chair of the Committee for People with Disabilities by Texas Governor Rick Perry. Joe has been in the field of Human Resources & Civil Rights for the past 27 years and has experience in employment law and adult education. With a Bachelor's in Philosophy and a Masters in Education, he has been a Human Resources Director, a Training Coordinator for the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Technical Assistance Center for Federal Region VI, was appointed as Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Using his entertaining style, Joe has educated groups throughout the country and most recently, his work at the EEOC has enabled him to empower employers and employees with the understanding they need to work effectively at their jobs.

Endorsing Organizations

Below is a list of the policy organizations that endorsed this training:

Burton Blatt Institute
– Peter Blanck, PhD, JD, Chairman and University Professor

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
– Ms. Katy Neas, Co-Chair

Council on State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
– John Connelly, J.D., Director, Research and Grants

Disabled World
– Lynn and Ian Langtree, Founders

Disability Rights Legal Center / Cancer Legal Resource Center
– Mr. Shawn Kravich, Interim Director

Easter Seals
– Ms. Katy Neas, Vice President, Government Relations

LiveStrong Foundation
– Ms. Emily Eargle, MSSW, Senior Manager, Navigation

National Disability Institute
– Mr. Michael Morris, JD, Executive Director

National Organization on Disability
– Ms. Miranda Pax, Director of External Affairs

National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities
– Ms. Karen McCulloh, RN, BSN, Founder
– Beth Marks, RN, PhD, Director

Patient Advocate Foundation
– Ms. Erin Moaratty, Chief of Mission Delivery

Stupid Cancer
– Mr. Matthew Zachary, Founder and CEO