Can We Still Call it Evidence-Based Practice
if We Deviate From the Evidence?

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In this webcast, Dr. Marcel Dijkers led a discussion on the limits of evidence-based practice (EBP) as based on evidence gathered using a PICO question (P: patient, problem or population; I: intervention; C: comparison, control or comparator; O: outcome(s)). In the typical report of a primary study, and of a secondary study, do you get enough information to implement an intervention for which evidence is offered?

What are some of the issues related to the usefulness of systematic reviews for a clinician, if he or she does not have the same patients, setting, or resources? Can an intervention still be considered evidence-based, if a clinician is unable to implement it exactly as described? This webcast is an activity of the Community of Practice on Evidence in Disability and Rehabilitation Research (CoP-EDR).

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About the Presenter

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Marcel Dijkers, PhD, FACRM is research professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and senior investigator in the Brain Injury Research Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He also serves as facilitator of the Center on KTDRRā€™s Community of Practice on Evidence in Disability and Rehabilitation Research (CoP-EDR). Dr. Dijkers has published more than 60 articles and chapters on the social and functional consequences of SCI/TBI, the delivery of health services for these conditions, outcome measurement, and methodological and statistical issues in rehabilitation research.