Webcast (3 of 3) from the EPPI-Centre:
Undertaking Reviews for Policy

The third in this series of webcasts from the EPPI-Centre examines motivating policymakers to use research, the types of reviews are most useful in the policy arena, the impact of time constraints, and strategies for policy-focused reviews when the research is thin.

Presenters: James Thomas, PhD, and Katy Sutcliffe, PhD

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About the Presenters

Photo of James Thomas

James Thomas, MA, MMus, GGSM, PhD is Professor of Social Research and Policy in the Department of Childhood, Families and Health. He is Director of the EPPI-Centre's Reviews Facility for the Department of Health, England, which undertakes systematic reviews across a range of policy areas to support the department. His research interests include Systematic reviewing; Methods for research synthesis and research more broadly; The use of new information technologies in social research; Evidence informed policy and practice; Health promotion and public health. He specializes in developing methods for research synthesis, in particular for qualitative and mixed methods reviews and in using emerging information technologies such as text mining in research. He leads a module on synthesis and critical appraisal on the EPPI-Centre's MSc in Research for Public Policy and Practice and development on the Centre's in-house reviewing software, EPPI-Reviewer. Professor Thomas is also Co-Assistant Director for Health and Wellbeing at the Institute of Education.

Photo of Katy Sutcliffe

Katy Sutcliffe, BA (Hons), MSc, PhD, is a research officer and member of the Faculty of Children and Learning, Department of Childhood, Families and Health. She also works with the EPPI-Centre. Dr Sutcliffe joined SSRU in 2002 after completing a master's degree in social research methods. Her research interests include: Systematic research synthesis; Evidence-informed policy and practice; Synthesizing qualitative views research; Children with chronic conditions; and Children's participation in health-care decision-making.

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