Planning and Evaluating Your Social Media Strategy

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Social media analytics can be confusing and time-consuming. One look at the long list of metrics available is enough to overwhelm any seasoned social media manager. Combine that with the massive number of tools available to process the metrics faster and more efficiently may leave you unfocused, resulting in low engagement, low trust, and an ineffective social media account. Followers and social media passersby create actions that leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Used correctly, social media data can be a window into your target audience, allowing you to create your ideal social media strategy.

The KTER Center held an accompanying webinar on Dec. 3, 2019 "How can Social Media be Useful to You? (Or is Your Learning Network Fit for Purpose?)" Learn more.

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About the Presenter

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Michelle Stergio is a Digital & Social Media marketing consultant. Ms. Stergio has over 20 years of experience in leading digital marketing strategies, customer acquisition, and measurement, including 12 years specifically in social media.

Ms. Stergio partners with her clients' internal subject matter experts to understand, shape, and measure communications efforts across various digital platforms and social communities. She has deep experience in interpreting data analytics to inform business strategies, mapping them to objectives, and goals. She uses insights from environmental scans, topic analysis, and benchmarking driven from web and social data to help inform strategic business decisions. Stergio provides thought leadership to her clients on social media trends, digital ecosystem, best practices for social media and digital analytics, and implementing technology to deliver digital and social media data support.

In addition to her digital and social media expertise, Stergio has experience in marketing project management, strategic marketing planning, website development, including customer journey, event coordination, and media buying.

Stergio holds a B.S. in Business Administration—Marketing degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. She also holds a certificate for Google Analytics for Power Users and Advanced Google Analytics.