Testing the Waters Before Diving In: Determining the Type of Knowledge Gap and the Readiness of Knowledge to Fill It

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Dr. Travis Sztainert discusses the processes that underlie knowledge translation. He focuses on examining the knowledge-to-action gap by introducing overarching micro-gaps and proposes the creation of a gap assessment tool. He also presents an end-of-grant readiness tool he has been developing over the past several years and discusses some partnership activities around the use of the tool. This is a follow-up to a presentation that Dr. Sztainert provided in 2016 for our sister KT Center, the Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER Center).

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  1. This webcast originally aired on September 2, 2020. The archive is available on YouTube at this link: https://youtu.be/eGirF_iyQwg

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About the Presenter

Dr. Travis Sztainert

Travis Sztainert, PhD, is a Knowledge Mobilization Specialist at Frayme in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Travis regularly consults with decision-makers, regulators and other organizations to foster collaboration and provide the best available evidence to support their work. He leads the development of products from large-scale evidence reviews to brief reports and data analyses, to digital resources and social network analysis to demonstrate wide-reaching impact. He was a Knowledge Broker, Content Specialist at GREO from 2015-2020.

Travis also works as a research consultant with various addiction and mental health-related organizations. In addition, he has developed and instructs the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization through the University of Guelph. Travis holds a PhD in Psychology from Carleton University, where his interest in mobilizing knowledge began, and a Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate from SickKids Learning Institute.