Recent Campbell Collaboration Disability Research Synthesis Results

About the Webcast

A panel of review authors from the Disability Coordinating Group of the Campbell Collaboration share their experiences with the production process and showcase a variety of synthesis products originally published in 2020. These include traditional systematic reviews, mixed-methods reviews and evidence and gap maps. This recorded session was originally presented live as part of the What Works Global Summit (WWGS 2020).

The four projects presented include:

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About the Presenters

Dr. Pádraic Fleming

Dr. Pádraic Fleming is a Health Services Researcher based in Ireland. He completed his PhD studies in Maynooth University, Department of Psychology in 2018, focusing on individualised funding for people with a disability. Pádraic now works as Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Health Policy and Management, examining the resilience of health systems in the face of health system shocks.

Dr. Judith Gross

Dr. Judith Gross is director of the Center on Community Living and Careers at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana University Bloomington. Her research has primarily focused on promoting high expectations for employment of people with disabilities and supporting individuals and their families to access and use available resources and benefits to promote competitive employment and community participation. She led the team that conducted this systematic review in her role as Assistant Research Professor at the University of Kansas, Research and Training Center on Independent Living. She has over 20 years’ experience as a special education teacher, direct service provider, advocate, researcher, and technical assistance provider.

Dr. Petra Lietz

Dr. Petra Lietz is a Principal Research Fellow within the Educational Monitoring and Research Division at ACER. Petra has more than 25 years of experience in education research including projects for the OECD, UNESCO and the IEA as well as large-scale Australian surveys. She has taught research design at undergraduate and graduate levels at Australian and German universities. Her research interests include factors related to learning outcomes and questionnaire design.

Dr. Katherine Dix

Dr. Katherine Dix is a Principal Research Fellow within Educational Monitoring and Research at ACER. She brings diverse experience in project managing and conducting local, national and international surveys. Katherine has extensive experience in whole-school wellbeing promotion, questionnaire design that informs program development, along with expertise in many online survey platforms and real-time monitoring and reporting. She currently heads the internal strategy regarding project that have evaluation as their main purpose.

Dr. Ashrita Saran

Dr. Ashrita Saran is Director of Campbell South Asia and leads a team dedicated to production and use of evidence synthesis to inform policy in low- and middle-income countries. She joined Campbell in December 2016 as an Evidence Synthesis Specialist and played a central role in the development of evidence and gap maps as a Campbell evidence product and led the research teams for a number of maps. Ashrita is an Editor of Campbell’s International Development Coordinating Group and the Associate Editor at Health Research Policy and Systems. Prior to Campbell she worked with Cochrane South Asia and the Public Health Foundation of India.