Current Strategies for Updating Systematic Reviews

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KTDRR’s 2022 webcast on evidence synthesis focuses on “Current Strategies for Updating Systematic Reviews.” Methodologists representing several international synthesis organizations will share their perspectives on the process of updating a systematic review.

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About the Presenters

Carlton Fong

Carlton J. Fong, PhD, is Editor for the Campbell Disability Coordinating Group and is a co-author on several Campbell systematic reviews. Dr. Fong is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Developmental Education within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Texas State University. He examines the motivational, psychological, and instructional factors that influence success, achievement, and persistence in postsecondary education, primarily using research synthesis and meta-analytic techniques. Dr. Fong completed his Ph.D. and M.A. in Educational Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin and his B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He also finished a postdoctoral research fellowship in higher education and teaching development.

Professor James Thomas

Professor James Thomas is Deputy Director at the EPPI-Centre, UCL in London. His research covers substantive disciplinary fields, such as public health and education, and also computer and information science. He has written extensively on research synthesis, including methods for combining qualitative and quantitative research in reviews, and leads the Systematic Reviews Facility for the Department of Health, England. His activities in computer science include implementing novel technologies and processes (including machine learning and crowdsourcing) to improve the efficiency of systematic reviews; and leading development of EPPI-Reviewer, software which manages data through all stages of a systematic review.

Chiara Arienti

Chiara Arienti, PhD, is the Coordinator of Cochrane Rehabilitation and of the Clinical Trial Unit of IRCCS Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi. She has good experience relating to systematic reviews of rehabilitation interventions leading methodological work, completing and supporting systematic reviews across Cochrane Rehabilitation and the Clinical Trials Unit. She is also the Editorial Board Member of JBI Evidence Implementation Journal, Statistical Advisor of European PRM Journal, and GRADE Working Group Member.

Her current research line is the improvement of methodology in rehabilitation research and she qualified as PhD in Biomedical Research and Translational Medicine with specific attention on the challenges of real-world evidence to improve global health in the rehabilitation field.