Video Transcript

Mark Bayer: Hi, it’s Mark Bayer and I’m really excited to be collaborating once again with the American Institutes for Research on the Outreach to Policymakers Workshop. It’s three sessions, and even if you’ve never communicated with a policymaker before, at the end of the three sessions you will really know how to do it effectively, efficiently… Where to focus your time and energy, and you’ll actually have a model and a methodology that I’ve developed that you can use again and again. I just have one question for you, and that is, “What’s the one thing that you want to make sure to take away from this workshop?” “What’s the one thing that you really want to make sure you learn in this workshop?” And you can put that information right in the text box below [the video window], and I’ll receive those responses. And we’ll make sure that they are covered in the workshop. So I hope you’ll join us for this workshop, it’s going to be fun, informative, interactive, high-energy, and I hope to see you inside the workshop. Bye-bye!

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