Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it’s Mark Bayer, and over the last several years I’ve had the privilege of working with many of your colleagues in a workshop on how to connect with policymakers in Washington D.C., or in your local area, your state area. Really demystifying D.C., how to really get your voice heard and advance your research priorities. I am really excited to be joining you once again later this year in a similar workshop which we hope at this point to do in person, although we’ll have to adjust depending on what’s happening, obviously, out there in the world. But I am really looking forward to seeing you there. I hope you will decide to attend and participate in the workshop that I will be leading, which is demystifying D.C., how to get your voice heard in Washington D.C. And actually, I just have one quick request for you, which is if you wouldn’t mind putting right down in the little text box there, which you can email directly to me, What is one thing that you would like to learn in this workshop about connecting and messaging to your elected officials? Just what’s one thing you that would really like to learn how to do? Put it right there and I really hope to see you soon. Thanks very much.

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