Transcript of Mark Bayer Workshop Welcome Video: Outreach to Policymakers, April 24, 2023

Mark Bayer

Hi it's Mark Bayer. And over the last several years I've had the privilege to work with KTDRR on a workshop that I developed and delivered called Outreach to Policymakers. And the focus is how to develop and deliver your message to members of the U. S. Congress or state or local public policymakers. How do you make your research accessible and understandable from a messaging standpoint?

I am going to be once again joining with colleagues, and I hope with you as well on April 24 in Arlington, Virginia for this workshop. I'm really excited to be working again with you all with the organization, and I hope you'll join and participate in this particular workshop.

I just have one question before you head over and come hopefully to the conference – what is one thing that you want to make sure to learn, or one thing you really want to know about when it comes to delivering descriptions of your research to public policymakers? You can put that information right in the text box that accompanies this video and send it along to me, and I'll have it before the conference, before the workshop.

So once again I'm hoping to be able to join you. I will be there on April 24. I hope you'll be there with me on this workshop outreach to policymakers. Thanks.

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