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1. Journal title: Exceptional Children

Frequency: Quarterly

Description: Exceptional Children,an official journal of the Council for Exceptional Children, publishes original research and analyses that focus on the education and development of infants, toddlers, children, youth, and adults with exceptionalities. Descriptions of research, research reviews, methodological reviews of the literature, databased position papers, and policy analyses are considered for publication. Exceptional Children publishes quantitative, qualitative, and single-subject design studies.

Articles accepted: The Journal primarily publishes five types of articles:

  1. Research Studies including qualitative, large group quantitative, or single-subject design studies. Appropriate effect sizes must be reported for quantitative studies.
  2. Research Reviews including the analysis and integration of research in one or more areas. Reviews must be comprehensive and critical. Whenever possible, effect sizes for individual studies should be reported.
  3. Methodological Reviews including systematic examinations of the methodological strengths and weaknesses of a specific body of literature (e.g., a methodological review of the soundness of research on teaching phonological awareness).This can include a methodological analysis of qualitative, quantitative, and single-subject design studies.
  4. Data-Based Position Papers including papers addressing an important (practical or theoretical) issue(s) in special or gifted education. This involves analyzing and integrating the existing research literature to provide a balanced and scholarly examination of the issue.
  5. Policy Analyses including critical analyses and research related to public policy issues that impact the education of exceptional infants, toddlers, children, youth, and adults.



Manuscript style guide: APA

Thomson peer reviewed: Yes

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