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1. Journal title: Infants & Young Children

Frequency: Quarterly

Description: Devoted to clinical management of infants and young children (birth to three years of age) and their families with or at risk for developmental disabilities. It provides current applications of educational, therapeutic, diagnostic, and family support concepts to practice settings.

Articles accepted: Infants & Young Children is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on vulnerable children from birth to five years of age and their families. Of special interest are articles involving innovative interventions, summaries of important research developments and their implications for practice, updates for high priority topic areas, balanced presentations of controversial issues, and articles that address issues involving policy, professional training, new conceptual models, and related matters. Although data are often presented primarily to illustrate points, some types of data-based articles may be appropriate.



Manuscript style guide: APA

Thomson peer reviewed: Yes

Record updated: 2013-03-18

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