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1. Journal title: Advances in Mind-Body Medicine

Frequency: Quarterly

Description: Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, explores the relationship between mind, body, spirit and health; the human experience of health, illness, and medical care; and the clinical, social, and personal implications of a medicine that acknowledges the whole person.  Advances looks for fresh thinking, vigorous debate, and careful analysis.  It is open to all members and observers of the healthcare and research community.

Articles accepted: Papers most likely to be accepted for consideration present authoritative information and compelling points of view on the role of psychological, social, and spiritual factors in health promotion and the prevention, treatment, and healing of illness. We are particularly interested in review articles, theoretical models, opinion and commentary, case reports, and research reports. Papers must be 2000 to 3500 words and not available online, published, or submitted elsewhere.



Manuscript style guide: AMA

Record updated: 2013-04-29

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