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1. Journal title: Clinical Journal of Pain

Frequency: 9 issues per year

Description: Explores all aspects of pain & its effective treatment, bringing you the insights of leading anesthesiologists, surgeons, internists, neurologists, orthopedists, psychiatrist & psychologists, clinical pharmacologist, & physical & rehabilitation therapists.

Articles accepted: The journal publishes: Clinical investigations: Present results of original clinical research. Case reports: Describe a single case or a small series. They must be educational and draw attention to important or unusual clinical situations, new treatments, or complications. They will usually not fulfill the same scientific criteria as clinical investigations. Reviews: Comprehensive surveys covering a broad area. They consolidate old ideas and may suggest new ones. They must provide a critique of the literature. Special articles: On subjects not easily classified above (e.g., articles on history, education, demography, ethics, socioeconomics, etc.). Letters to the editor: These may offer criticism of published material, but must be objective, constructive, and educational. A few references, a small table, or relevant illustrations may be used.



Manuscript style guide: AMA

Thomson peer reviewed: Yes

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