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1. Journal title: Translational Science in Occupation


Translational Science in Occupation invites a variety of scholarship types and research questions relating to the study of occupation and/or occupation-based practice. This free and open access journal has a special interest in open-source and free tools, digital objects, and occupational artifacts. The Journal will consider all types of methods/methodologies and analyses.

Translational science bridges a gap between knowledge and practice. There is a need for occupational scientists and therapists to translate knowledge into practice to establish high-value occupation-based intervention. The purpose of the journal is to challenge assumptions, inspire conversation, and facilitate communication by publishing material relevant to practice, education, research, and policy to advance health and well-being.

The mission of Translational Science in Occupation is to freely exchange knowledge about occupation and the practice of occupational th erapy with others to advance health and wellness.

Translational Science in Occupation will:

Present high-quality, peer reviewed scholarship
Advance knowledge translation for use of best evidence
Shorten the time between inquiry and practical application
Recognize practice-based evidence
Apply high standards of quality and integrity
Present diverse tools or strategies
Foster community of practice connections
Promote interactive translation of outcomes
Strengthen associations between outcomes and policy
Advocate for professional responsibility to exchange knowledge

Articles accepted: Content types can vary widely by discipline, but the goal of storing all content is the same: To provide a common opportunity for presenting internally and globally what is being accomplished by UNMC and its clinical partners.



Manuscript style guide: APA

Record updated: 2023-08-09

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