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1. Citation: Rabehariosa, V., Moreira, T., & Akrich, M. (2013). Evidence based activism: Patients' organisations, users' and activist's groups in knowledge society. Centre De Sociologie de L'Innovation, 33, 1-27.
Title: Evidence-based activism: Patients' organizations, users' and activist's groups in knowledge society
Author(s): Rabeharisoa, V.
Moreira, T.
Akrich, M.
Year: 2013
Journal/Publication: Centre De Sociologie de L'Innovation
Abstract: This article focuses on empirical based activism in four countries (France, Ireland, Portugal, and the UK), across four clinical conditions. The term 'evidence-based activism' is proposed to incorporate the multitude of organizations, stakeholders, patients, and users of information.  A more specific conceptual model for evidence based activism is also described and the five components expanded upon.

Type of Item: Review KT Strategies
Type of KT Strategy: Evidence-based Activism
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Research Funders
Evidence Level: 2
Record Updated:2013-08-01