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1. Citation: Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (2012) Training and resources to support research use: A BC needs assessment. A report by the UK Evaluation Forum, supported by the Academy of Medical Sciences, Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust, 1-52.
Title: Training and Resources to Support Research Use: A BC Needs Assessment
Author(s): Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
Year: 2012
Journal/Publication: Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
Abstract: This report is a detailed description of the 2012 knowledge translation (KT) needs assessment and contains data on 1,071 survey respondents from British Columbia, Canada. Approximately 48% of participants were health care providers and administrators while approximately 30% were researchers. Content areas of the assessment included perceptions of KT, building KT skills, KT support, and Barriers and facilitators to doing KT. This report also describes the implementation methodology, results, and future implications.

Type of Item: Evaluation Instrument
Type of KT Strategy: Audit and Feedback
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2014-08-21