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1. Citation: Carpenter, D., Nieva, V., Albaghal, T., and Sorra, J., (2005).  Development of a planning tool to guide dissemination of research results - Dissemination planning tool: Exhibit A.  Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality.  Retrieved from: - See more at:
Title: Development of a Planning Tool to Guide Research Dissemination
Author(s): Carpenter, D.
Nieva, V.
Albaghal, T.
Sorra, J.
Year: 2005
Journal/Publication: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Abstract: This is a tool designed for the dissemination of public health innovations created to help users keep research findings applicable to "real life" situations. The instrument is based on multiple theories, models, and a literature review. Questions are used in a six-step guide to help users develop a work plan.

Type of Item: Planning Instrument
Target Group: Decision Maker
Healthcare Professional
Evidence Level: 4
Record Updated:2013-07-26