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1. Citation: Lemire, M., Demers-Payette, O., & Jefferson-Falardeau, J. (2013). Dissemination of performance information and continuous improvement: A narrative systematic review. Journal of Health Organization and Management27(4), 449-478.
Title: Dissemination of performance information and continuous improvement: A narrative systematic review
Author(s): Lemire, M.
Demers-Payette, O.
Jefferson-Falardeau, J.
Year: 2003
Journal/Publication: Journal of Health Organization and Management

Performance measures alone are often ineffective in increasing the dissemination of effective treatments in health systems. Public reporting of performance evaluations has not been found to change client decision making or, consequently, clinical practice (e.g., Marshall et al., 2000, Schauffler & Mordavsky, 2001, Fung et al., 2008, Shekelle et al., 2008). However, evidence suggests that making changes on the supply-side (i.e. within health organizations) can increase the dissemination of treatments, and is in line with the continuous improvement model of knowledge translation. Previous systematic reviews of dissemination in health care have generally focused on how performance measures impact client decision making. In contrast, the present systematic review examines the different processes and pathways through which performance measures can impact service providers and lead to successful dissemination. This study includes a review of quantitative and qualitative research conducted between 1980 and 2010. The review includes 114 articles, seven of which are systematic reviews. The findings suggest that several factors related to how individuals respond to performance evaluation predict successful dissemination, including clarity of objectives, relationships between stakeholders, the system's governance, and the available incentives.


Type of Item: Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis
Type of KT Strategy: Audit and Feedback
Continuous Quality Improvement/Total Quality Management
Institutional Strengthening
Systematic Review Synthesis/Framework
Target Group: Decision Maker
Healthcare Professional
Evidence Level: 4
Record Updated:2017-02-17