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1. Citation: Leavey, J. (2013). Social media and public policy.  Alliance for Useful Evidence, 1-40.
Title: Social Media and Public Policy.  What is the Evidence?
Author(s): Leavey, J.
Year: 2013
Journal/Publication: Alliance for Useful Evidence
Abstract: This paper written by the Alliance for Useful Evidence looks at the role of social media in public policy decisions. Specifically, if evidence gathered from social media can enhance public services and development of public policy. For the purpose of this report social media is referring to Twitter, Facebook, forums, comments sections of large media sites, and so on. Opportunities, challenges, risks, and specific case studies are explored.

Type of Item: Review KT Strategies
Type of KT Strategy: Social Media
Social Network Analysis
Target Group: Decision Maker
Evidence Level: 2
Record Updated:2014-01-16