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1. Citation: Giguere, A., Legare, F., Grimshaw, J., Turcotte, S., Fiander, M., Grudniewicz, A., Makosso-Kallyth, S., Wolf, F.M., Farmer, A.P., Gagnon, M-P. (2012). Printed educational materials: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 10. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD004398.pub3
Title: Printed educational materials: Effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes
Author(s): Giguere, A.
Legare, F.
Grimshaw, J.
Turcotte, S.
Fiander, M.
Grudniewicz, A.
Makosso-Kallyth, S.
Wolf, F.M.
Farmer, A.P.
Gagnon, M.P.
Year: 2012
Journal/Publication: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Abstract: There are many types of printed educational materials available for healthcare professionals.  Monographs, journals, guidelines, and more are all used to help healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes and professional practices.  Giguere et al. have rewritten search strategies for this revised systematic review in order to refocus the search to include a wider scope of printed materials from various databases.  This review contains 45 studies.  Almost all studies (44/45) include a comparison of the effectiveness of printed educational material (PEM) to no intervention.  Standing alone, PEMs were able to show a small but significant effect on patient outcomes.  However, when combined with  multifaceted intervention programs, effectiveness is uncertain.

Type of Item: Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis
Type of KT Strategy: Printed Educational Materials
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Evidence Level: 5
Record Updated:2013-07-18