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1. Citation: Khan, S., Timmings, C., Moore, J.E., Marquez, C., Pyka, K., Gheihman, G., & Straus, S.E. (2014). The development of an online decision support tool for organizational readiness for change. Implementation Science9(1), 1.
Title: The development of an online decision support tool for organizational readiness for change
Author(s): Khan, S.
Timmings, C.
Moore, J.E.
Marquez, C.
Pyka, K.
Gheihman, G.
Straus, S.E.
Year: 2014
Journal/Publication: Implementation Science


Much importance has been placed on assessing readiness for change as one of the earliest steps of implementation, but measuring it can be a complex and daunting task. Organizations and individuals struggle with how to reliably and accurately measure readiness for change. Several measures have been developed to help organizations assess readiness, but these are often underused due to the difficulty of selecting the right measure. In response to this challenge, we will develop and test a prototype of a decision support tool that is designed to guide individuals interested in implementation in the selection of an appropriate readiness assessment measure for their setting.


A multi-component approach will be used to develop the decision support tool. First, we will identify key measures for assessing organizational readiness for change from a recently completed systematic review. Included measures will be those developed for healthcare settings (e.g., acute care, public health, mental health) and that have been deemed valid and reliable. Second, study investigators and field experts will engage in a mapping exercise to categorize individual items of included measures according to key readiness constructs from an existing framework. Third, a stakeholder panel will be recruited and consulted to determine the feasibility and relevance of the selected measures using a modified Delphi process. Fourth, findings from the mapping exercise and stakeholder consultation will inform the development of a decision support tool that will guide users in appropriately selecting change readiness measures. Fifth, the tool will undergo usability testing.


Our proposed decision support tool will address current challenges in the field of organizational change readiness by aiding individuals in selecting a valid and reliable assessment measure that is relevant to user needs and practice settings. We anticipate that implementers and researchers who use our tool will be more likely to conduct readiness for change assessments in their settings when planning for implementation. This, in turn, may contribute to more successful implementation outcomes. We will test this tool in a future study to determine its efficacy and impact on implementation processes.

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Type of Item: Implementation Instrument
Type of KT Strategy: Decision Aids
Online Resources
Target Group: Decision Maker
Healthcare Professional
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2017-02-21