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1. Citation: Ward, V., Smith, S., Foy, R. House, A., & Hamer, S. (2010). Planning for knowledge translation: a researcher's guide. Evidence & Policy. 6(4): 527-541.
Title: Planning for knowledge translation: a researcher's guide
Author(s): Ward, V.
Smith, S.
Foy, R.
House, A.
Hamer, S.
Year: 2010
Journal/Publication: Evidence & Policy
Abstract: This paper was written primarily to help guide United Kingdom's researchers in understanding what an empirically based conceptualization of knowledge translation truly means.  The authors examine current guidance for researchers, developing a useful guide, as well as how to apply these recommendations.

Type of Item: Planning Instrument
Target Group: Researchers
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2018-03-23