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1. Citation: Liabo, K. (2005). What works for children and what works in research implementation? Experiences from a research and development project in the united kingdom. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, 24, 1-14.
Title: What Works for Children and What Works in Research Implementation? Experiences from a Research and Development Project in the United Kingdom
Author(s): Liabo, K.
Year: 2005
Journal/Publication: Social Policy Journal of New Zealand
Abstract: This paper examines the What Works for Children (WWfC) project in the United Kingdom and covers the introduction of the program through conclusions and implications. The WWfC project are services for children aged 5-13 that work at reducing poverty and increasing opportunities. Approaches to using research included both top down and bottom up approaches at various levels of the program.

Type of Item: Review KT Strategies
Type of KT Strategy: Multifaceted Interventions
Target Group: Policymaker/Legislator
Research Funders
Service Provider
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2014-12-29