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1. Citation: Moons,K. G. M., de Groot, J. A. H., Bouwmeester, W., Vergouwe, Y., Mallett, S., Altman, D. G., & Reitsma, J. B. (2014). Critical appraisal and data extraction for systematic reviews of prediction modelling studies: The CHARMS checklist.
Title: Critical Appraisal and Data Extraction for Systematic Reviews of Prediction Modelling Studies: The CHARMS Checklist
Author(s): Moons, K. G. M.
De Groot, J. A. H.
Bouwmeester, W.
Vergouwe, Y.
Mallett, S.
Altman, D. G.
Reitsma, J. B.
Year: 2014
Journal/Publication: PLoS Medicine

Summary Points

Publications on clinical prediction models have become abundant for both prognostic and diagnostic purposes. Systematic reviews of these studies are increasingly required to identify and critically appraise existing evidence.

No specific guidance exists to help frame a well-defined review question and determine which details to extract and critically appraise from primary prediction modelling studies.

Existing reporting guidelines, quality assessment tools, and key methodological publications were examined to identify seven items important for framing the review question and 11 domains to extract and critically appraise the primary included studies.

Together these items and domains form the CHecklist for critical Appraisal and data extraction for systematic Reviews of prediction Modelling Studies (CHARMS).


Type of Item: Implementation Instrument
Type of KT Strategy: Checklist
Target Group: Research Funders
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2015-01-14