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1. Citation: Ivers, N., Jamtvedt, G., Flottorp, S., Young, J. M., Odgaard-Jensen, J., French, S. D., O'Brien, M. A., Johansen, M., Grimshaw, J., & Oxman, A. D. (2012). Audit and feedback: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes (Review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 6. doi:10.1002/14651858.CD000259.pub3
Title: Audit and feedback: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes (Review)
Author(s): Ivers, N.
Jamtvedt, G.
Flottorp, S.
Young, J. M.
Odgaard-Jensen, J.
French, S. D.
O'Brien, M.A.
Johansen, M.
Grimshaw, J.
Oxman, A. D.
Year: 2012
Journal/Publication: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Abstract: Despite what may seem logical, the practice of audit and feedback in healthcare professional practice has not consistently been found to be effective. This systematic review was developed in order to help explain the variability in performance changes and types of audit and feedback for health practitioners. Variations could be seen in how frequent audit feedback was given, who administered the audit/feedback, if it was in writing or verbal, and expected goals after feedback. A total of 140 studies were included for this review. Ivers et al. determined that, although only small changes were made throughout the process, they were potentially very important. Changes in effectiveness varied mostly due to alternative ways of delivering feedback.

Type of Item: Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis
Type of KT Strategy: Audit and Feedback
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Opinion Leader/Champion
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Research Funders
Evidence Level: 5
Record Updated:2013-10-29